Frequently Asked Questions about cheap international calling app MOREmins


    MOREmins is an app for cheap international calls. 

    Download MOREmins app to your smartphone and call via it straight to landlines & mobiles.

    MOREmins uses your mobile operator’s local minutes for internet-free calling. The service is cheapest when you have free minutes to call to another local network (landline and mobile numbers).

    Every new client gets a free credit to try MOREmins international calling app out.

    Later on you can top-up your MOREmins account via our website (

    Download MOREmins app for iPhone and for Android (Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, etc.): and try it with a free credit.

    If you don’t have a smartphone, send us an email to MOREmins has another solution for you how to make cheap international calls from your landline or mobile phone.




    We have noticed that people still do not know the difference between international calling and international roaming. 

    Roaming in the EU is abolished completely. But international calling rates remain unregulated and many operators keep them high. 

    MOREmins provides cheap international calling services.

    Call abroad with MOREmins from the country you live in (international call)


    Example: you live in the UK and subscribe to UK mobile operator. When you call abroad from the UK via MOREmins, you are making a cheap international call.  



    MOREmins calling app uses your local minutes for internet-free calling. 

    In most cases, it is better not to call via MOREmins when you travel outside your home network or, to put it simply, when you use your phone abroad.

    Your mobile operator will apply roaming fees if you use MOREmins while traveling abroad. 

    Be careful or don't use the app when you are traveling abroad

    Don't know the difference between roaming and an international call? Read our blog post here.


    MOREmins app works without internet. It simply converts your mobile operator’s local minutes into international ones for a small fee. Or to put it another way, your local minutes are used for calling abroad with MOREmins app. 

    The service is cheapest when you have free minutes to call to another local network (landline and mobile numbers).

    This is why it is important to check the details and tariffs of plans, bundles or packs you have ordered from your mobile network operator (O2, EE, Three, etc.). 

    Cost of a call abroad with MOREmins = price you pay your mobile network operator for a local call to another local network (usually 0 p/min because you use inclusive minutes) + price you pay MOREmins (from 1.5 p/min) for an international call.

    THE FIRST EXAMPLE. Mary lives in the UK. Her UK mobile operator‘s monthly plan includes 200 UK minutes. Mary gave a call to China with MOREmins app and happily chatted with her friend for 30 minutes.

    How much did her call cost?

    45 pence

    Explanation: let‘s say it was in the beginning of the month and before a call to China Mary had all 200 inclusive UK minutes left. During her call to China Mary automatically used her inclusive UK minutes. After a 30 minutes talk, Mary had 170 inclusive minutes left. So she paid £0 to her UK mobile network operator. Mary only paid 45 pence to MOREmins because MOREmins international calling rate to China is 1.5 p/min (1.5 p/min x 30 mins).

    - - - - - - - - -

    THE SECOND EXAMPLE. Andrea lives in the UK. She is a subscriber to UK mobile network operator but does not have any plan or bundle with free inclusive minutes. Let‘s say her UK operator charges 10 p/min for local calls to UK landline and mobile numbers. Andrea gave a call to China with MOREmins app and happily chatted with her friend for 30 minutes.

    How much did her call cost?


    Explanation: for a 30 minutes talk Andrea paid £3 to her UK mobile network operator (10 p/min x 30 mins) + 45 pence to MOREmins (1.5 p/min x 30).

    - - - - - - - - -

    Also keep in mind, that your mobile operator will apply roaming fees if you use MOREmins app while traveling abroad.


    Topping up your MOREmins account online is quick and easy. We advise you to open this step-by-step guide with your smartphone or a new browser tab and follow it carefully when you top-up your account using your computer or tablet.

    Top-up your MOREmins account via self-service system by clicking the link or choosing "Login to your account" in the menu of MOREmins website.

    1. Enter your account details in the Login screen:



    You received your MOREmins Username and Password in the email with the subject line “Your MOREmins Username and Password”. If you can’t find your account information, please click “Forgot your username or password?“ and the data will be sent to your email. You can also drop us an email to

    When you enter your account details, press “Login“. 

    2. When self-service page opens, you will see your balance. If you want to top-up your MOREmins account, press the button "Buy Bundle or Top-up“.

    3. After pressing the button „Buy Bundle or Top-up“,  you will be able to choose your calling bundle or top-up amount. Press "Select“  near the amount you want. 

    4. Then select one of the payment options and follow the process of your chosen payment service provider.

    5. If you have topped-up your MOREmins account successfully, a confirmation message will pop-up as it is shown below. Help your friends to save on international calls by sharing the link to MOREmins website on facebook or twitter.

    Also press the button „My Account“ to re-check your balance.

    6. Press "Refresh“ button in order to see your new balance.

    If you have any questions, drop us an email to or call us +44(0)2036951612, +37065003339.


    1. Always double-check if you are calling abroad with a cheap international calling app MOREmins.

    This app has one distinctive feature: in the beginning of a call MOREmins credit balance is being checked and afterwards the client is informed how many minutes he/she will be able to talk. This message is a confirmation you are calling with MOREmins.

    Also the phrase “Call via MOREmins” is displayed on a phone screen during the whole conversation. So you can't make an error.

    MOREmins iPhone app icon 

    2. When you open the app, choose the name of a person you want to call from "Recents“ or "Contacs“. Or simply dial his or hers phone number in the "Keypad".

    Just keep in mind, that the phone numbers of people you are going to call should start with the country code.

    For example, if you are calling to UK, your contact‘s number should start with +44, or 0044 not with 07 or 02.

    00447754310XXX           07754310XXX


    MOREmins iPhone app recents 


    MOREmins iPhone app call 

    MOREmins iPhone app keypad

     3. Press the button “Top-up“ if you want to login to your MOREmins account. Check your balance and top-up here.

    MOREmins iPhone app top-up


    4. If you want to close MOREmins app, just press your phone menu button.

    MOREmins iPhone app


    1. MOREmins app automatically calls to the local access number (local call to landline or mobile number).

    2. If MOREmins credit balance is sufficient, you will be connected with the person you are calling.


    Except for cheap calls to Lithuania, the person you are calling sees your usual mobile phone number.

    If you are making cheap international calls to Lithuania, random mobile number may be displayed to a person you are calling. Send us an email to if you need your mobile number to be displayed and we will inform you about premium calling rates.


    It is related to the signal strength of your mobile network operator. If the phone signal is poor, the sound might be delayed.

    In this case, we advise you to change the room or to go near the window or outside (if you are in the building). The best mobile network coverage should be outside. 

    Also it is useful to check the status bar symbol which displays your cellular network’s signal strength before making a call. One bar means that the signal is weak, five bars mean that the signal is strong. 


    It is not necessary. All clients get low international rates. Check our rates here.

    But we have a few bundles with even cheaper minutes.

    MOREmins users from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, USA, Portugal and Spain can buy 2000 minutes for calls to Lithuania. All these bundles are valid for 30 days. 


    It is not a problem! You can call with your old phone too. If you do not have a smartphone, send us an email to MOREmins has another solution for you how to make cheap international calls from landline or mobile phone.

    Turning your phone off and on usually helps. We have many apps installed in our smartphones and sometimes they start lagging.

    If you hear unusual remaining minutes number, turning your phone off and on also helps.


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