Virtual phone number. Don't want to share your private phone number? Give your extra SIM-FREE number. It works without SIM card and doesn't need extra smartphone!

Virtual phone number moremins

Need an extra phone number for ads and other affairs? :) You can have TWO, THREE or even MANY active phone numbers in one smartphone! 

Even more interesting is the fact that all your extra phone numbers can be of different countries.

MoreMins SIM-free virtual number is simply a more convenient way to have an extra local or a foreign number.

Find your SIM-free phone number that works without a SIM card and doesn't need an extra smartphone in MoreMins app.

Download MoreMins app and go to Account for your extra virtual number.

Phone number without sim card moremins

Virtual MoreMins app number:

  • Mobile phone number
  • Looks as any other number
  • No SIM card needed
  • No additional smartphone needed
  • Active all the time

  • Unlimited number of virtual numbers in one app
  • One top-up for all numbers
  • Available around the world
  • Cancel anytime

  • Outgoing mobile or internet calls inside the country and abroad
  • Incoming local calls and calls from abroad
  • Incoming local SMS and SMS from abroad 
  • Codes and SMS from social media, email providers, shops, etc.  

Phone number moremins

Use your virtual number for:

  • Work matters
  • Ads
  • Job search abroad
  • Dating sites
  • Loyalty cards
  • Registration and authorisation in social media, email platforms, websites
  • Sharing with people you've just met
  • Spam or as a backup/extra phone number, etc.

How to order a virtual number?

1. Download MoreMins app.  

2. Open MoreMins app. 

3. Go to Account and click 'Buy Virtual Number'.

International phone number moremins

How much does SIM-free number cost?

To order a virtual mobile number go to MoreMins app, Account section. 

Check the prices of various countries phone numbers in-app Account section or here.

Now MoreMins offers -50% discount for virtual UK phone numbers. A virtual UK phone number costs £0.99/month (the full price is £1.99/month). 

This price includes a virtual mobile number and an unlimited amount of incoming SMS.

Incoming calls and outgoing calls cost additionally.

An incoming call costs as the call to your country via MoreMins. Check the rates to your country near Rates. For example, the rate of incoming calls for the UK residents is 1 p/min.

The price for outgoing calls depends on the country you want to call. Please check MoreMins cheap international calling rates:

An additional fee for outgoing and incoming calls is deducted from top-up of your MoreMins account.

To top-up your MoreMins account go to MoreMins app, Account section. You can also do this on MoreMins website

How does a virtual number work?

Incoming SMS go to MoreMins app, Messages section.

Incoming calls go straight to your usual mobile phone number (you register your prime number while downloading MoreMins app).

Outgoing calls are made via MoreMins app:
1. Open MoreMins app.
2. Choose the contact or enter a number you want to call.
3. Select a phone number you want to make a call from.
4. Choose mobile or internet call.

How to renew or cancel virtual mobile number?

A virtual MoreMins number is valid for 30 days.

Choose subscription if you want your virtual mobile number to be valid for a longer period of time. You will be able to cancel it anytime.

It is also possible to renew this service every month. But be sure to renew it on the 30 rd day the latest if you want to continue using the same number. Click "Renew" button near the virtual phone number.

If not renewed, a virtual number is automatically cancelled after 30 days.

Extra Phone Number that Works Without SIM and Doesn’t Need Extra Smartphone is Now Available to Private Customers

MoreMins Virtual Number:

  • Unlimited quantity of active phone numbers in one smartphone
  • Convenient extra local number
  • Convenient extra foreign number
  • Available to private customers around the world
  • Incoming messages feature is quite rare

How many active phone numbers do you have in your smartphone? One? Two?

Now thanks to an extra virtual phone number in MoreMins app you can have three, five or simply as much as you want.

The quantity of active phone numbers in your smartphone is not limited any more because numbers are virtual or, to put it another way, SIM-free. 

But otherwise, extra SIM-free phone numbers are usual phone numbers.

Even more interesting is the fact that all your extra phone numbers can be of different countries. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, you can conveniently get and use foreign country’s phone number via MoreMins app.

At the moment MoreMins app offers phone numbers of the United Kingdom, Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania. But the plan is to offer many more in the nearest future.

‘Extra virtual phone number is simply a more convenient way to have an extra local number or a foreign number for various matters’, says CEO of MoreMins Ltd Andrius Butvilas.

One convenient thing is that additional smartphone is not needed because extra virtual phone number works without a SIM card.

SIM-free technology also makes everything faster: from subscription to a number to starting using it.

All you have to do is download MoreMins app to your smartphone and buy your extra virtual phone number or numbers in Account section of the app.

Virtual phone numbers have been in the market for some time. But it was more a business to business product. They were neither easily accessible, nor convenient for private customers. That’s why they were not popular among private customers. But with extra virtual number in MoreMins app we see a totally different situation. Consumers are able now to separate their private and public communications’, says Mr. Butvilas.

He noticed that customers use one or several extra numbers for various matters where they do not want to give their private phone number: ads, work, dating, loyalty cards, social networking and even spam. 

You can receive and make not only incoming/outgoing calls but also get incoming messages to MoreMins virtual number. There are not so many providers of incoming messages to a virtual number service. MoreMins team is very proud of this feature too.

Download MoreMins app and go to Account for your extra virtual number.