Temporary phone number for SMS verification from $0.99/month

Welcome to MoreMins, where we provide a reliable and secure service, offering Temporary Phone Numbers for your SMS Verification needs and more. Our temp numbers can be ordered in 160+ countries.

All you need is MoreMins app for iPhone or MoreMins app for Android and to order a temporary phone number on MoreMins e-shop. After purchasing it online, the virtual number will appear in MoreMins app automatically. Start using your new number straight away.

Use your temp phone number for incoming/outgoing SMS and calls.

Our temporary phone numbers ensure your privacy and make the verification process easy, protecting your personal number from unwanted exposure. 

Whether you're setting up a new online account, or require an extra layer of security, our service is designed to meet your needs. 

Navigate the world of online services with peace of mind, knowing your privacy is our top priority.

How much does a temporary phone number cost?

MoreMins offers one of the cheapest temporary phone numbers for the UK and the US. Only from $0.99/month. Cancel anytime.

The prices for other countries vary between $2.49/month for countries like Netherlands and Canada, to $16.99 for China, to $26.99 for Nicaragua.

Temporary Phone Number Monthly price from
GB UK $0.99
US US $0.99
LT Lithuania $1.25
UA Ukraine $2.49
NL Netherlands $2.49
HK Hong Kong $6.99
SE Sweden $6.99
ZA South Africa $7.99
TH Thailand $11.99

Download the MoreMins app

Next, you'll need to download the MoreMins app - either from Google Play or from the App Store

If you are an Android user - buy your temp number in MoreMins app. If you are an iPhone user - buy a temp number on MoreMins e-shop. It will appear in your MoreMins app afterwards. No waiting. Start using a temp number in a few minutes.

This is how to receive SMS online, along with OTP, calls without having your real phone number exposed. You can get as many numbers as you need, from multiple countries, and all of them will be available to use in MoreMins app on your smartphone.   

Features and benefits

Temporary phone numbers come with important benefits. They let you:

  1. Stay anonymous. Keep your primary mobile private and avoid sharing it with strangers and websites.
  2. Create and verify accounts without sharing your mobile. Use the burner one for account verification without sharing your actual phone number.
  3. Avoid unwanted calls and spam. This is the outcome of the previous feature. No spam calls and SMS verification messages would come to your actual mobile as long as you keep it private (and use a temporary one to register on websites and services instead).
  4. Use for temporary communication. Great for short-term communication, for example, online classifieds, dating apps, or temporary business contacts.
  5. Discard temporary phone numbers at any time. You can easily leave it behind after you are done using it, and then get a new one for the next purpose.
  6. Be like a local it during your trips abroad. During your international trip you might need a foreign temporary phone number for reservations, keeping in contact and some other everyday services.

Frequently asked questions