Temporary phone numbers for SMS verification

Secure your personal phone number and steer clear of unwanted SMS and calls!

MoreMins offers temporary phone numbers for over 50 countries, with rates beginning at just $0.49 per month.

MoreMins virtual phone numbers give you the freedom to register anywhere without sharing your personal information. Here are the key benefits of getting MoreMins temporary phone numbers: 

  • Stay anonymous and secure: Protect your personal mobile number from unwanted callers;
  • Keep your identity private for online accounts and transactions;
  • Enjoy peace of mind with an added layer of security 50+ countries' temporary phone numbers in one smartphone;
  • No roaming charges worldwide. No setup fees, no contract;
  • You can start using it immediately after ordering; 
  • Cancel instantly whenever you wish.

MoreMins virtual phone numbers can be ordered in 160+ countries.

Virtual Phone Number

How much does a temporary phone number cost?

MoreMins offers one of the cheapest temporary phone numbers for the UK for only $0.49/month. 

The prices for other countries vary between $2.49/month for countries like the US and Canada, to $16.99 for China, to $26.99 for Nicaragua.

Temporary Phone Number Monthly price from
GB UK phone number $0.49
US US phone number $2.49
LT Lithuania phone number $2.49
UA Ukraine phone number $2.49
NL Netherlands phone number $2.49
HK Hong Kong phone number $6.99
SE Sweden phone number $6.99
ZA South Africa phone number $7.99
TH Thailand phone number $11.99

What is temporary phone number for?

Use it as a way to protect your privacy and stay anonymous when you need to share a phone number for something short-term or potentially unsafe.
You can use it for a little while, then get rid of it when you're done - without affecting your personal phone number.

Online registrations and 2-factor authentications
Never enter your real phone number again

Protect your privacy with MoreMins' burner phone number.

Use a virtual number as a business phone number
Receive SMS verification and one-time passwords (OTPs) online

Use the disposable number for registration and verification on any website, including Facebook, Tinder, X, and more

Use phone abroad without additional roaming charges
Instant activation

The number is available immediately, as soon as you complete the order.

Sharing with people you've just met
Discard your temporary phone numbers at any time

Instant cancellation - get rid of your temp phone number whenever you decide.

Secure temporary phone numbers for SMS verifications

Tired of giving out your personal mobile number? Disposable ones keep you safe and anonymous online. Use a virtual phone number for dating apps, buying/selling stuff, making new accounts - anything you don't want to be tied to your real phone number. 

Use MoreMins temporary phone number for a little while, then get rid of it when you're done. No need to change your main number or get a new SIM. 

Instant privacy 

Protect your personal phone number on your terms with MoreMins' disposable phone numbers. No contracts, no commitments - just quick and easy anonymity when you need it. Use disposable temp numbers and keep your real number just for you. 

No strings attached 

Get set up in seconds with immediate number activation. 

Use them for as long as you need, then let them go without any cancellation fees or termination worries. It's privacy on demand, commitment-free. 

A temporary phone number, also known as a disposable or burner phone number, is designed for short-term use. You do not own it but can use it to receive SMS verification and text messages. Some providers will also let you send messages but this usually would cost extra. 

Temporary phone numbers are reliable and safe tools for situations like online shopping, socializing with strangers, registering an account, or just needing to receive a message and then never contact the sender again. 

You can get one or more temp phone numbers through various online services or mobile apps, for example, MoreMins.

How works temp phone number

The main goal of using a temporary phone number is to keep your privacy and anonymity. 
Many online services and websites ask for your mobile to register and want to send you an SMS verification when you sign up to them. Then some of these services keep sending SMS and calling you to promote their products. Using a temporary phone number to sign up solves this - you can get rid of it at any time and no spam will be able to reach you. 
Temporary phone numbers use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to provide virtual phone numbers. They are not tied to any physical landline or device - instead, the provider has a pool of available virtual numbers and assigns a number to the user when requested. SMS verification messages, voicemail, and/or calls that come to temporary phone numbers get forwarded to a VoIP app on the user's smartphone, to a web interface, or to their actual mobile number. 
After the temporary phone numbers' usage period expires, they go back into the pool and might be given to a different user in the future.

How to receive SMS online with a temporary phone number

First, you'll need to register your MoreMins account. Go to Login or Register menu and register with your email address (it will send a verification number to the email, which you will need to enter on the MoreMins website during registration).

Login or register

MoreMins login

Once registered, it will take you to a Store inside your MoreMins account. 
MoreMins store: choose service you want to buy

Choose your plan and go through with the purchase. 

Download the MoreMins app

Next, you'll need to download the MoreMins app - either from Google Play or from the App Store.

After downloading the application and logging in to it, you'll find your temp phone number available for you to use there. 

This is how to receive SMS online, along with OTP, calls without having your real phone number exposed. You can get as many numbers as you need, from multiple countries, and all of them will be available to use in MoreMins app on your smartphone.   

Features and benefits

Temporary phone numbers come with important benefits. They let you:

  1. Stay anonymous. Keep your primary mobile private and avoid sharing it with strangers and websites.
  2. Create and verify accounts without sharing your mobile. Use the burner one for account verification without sharing your actual phone number.
  3. Avoid unwanted calls and spam. This is the outcome of the previous feature. No spam calls and SMS verification messages would come to your actual mobile as long as you keep it private (and use a temporary one to register on websites and services instead).
  4. Use for temporary communication. Great for short-term communication, for example, online classifieds, dating apps, or temporary business contacts.
  5. Discard temporary phone numbers at any time. You can easily leave it behind after you are done using it, and then get a new one for the next purpose.

Frequently asked questions

What is a temporary phone number?

A temporary phone number is something you can get for a short period of time. It's not your real, permanent mobile. You can use it to keep your real phone number private online or when needing to share with other people.

Why use a temporary/disposable phone number?

You'd use it to protect your privacy and keep your personal phone number to yourself. It's handy for online dating, buying/selling stuff, signing up for things, or any time you don't want to share your actual mobile.

Does the temp phone number work for the UK?

Yes. We offer a temporary UK mobile for only $0.49/month.  

It does not matter in which country you live - whether it's in the UK, the US, Europe, or anywhere else, you can get a UK temp phone number all the same.

How to get a temporary phone number?

Getting a temporary phone number is easy - just sign up with MoreMins, purchase one for the country of your choosing, and download the app from Google Play or Apple Store. You will get a new temp one right away without any wait.

What is the easiest way to get a temporary phone number?

The easiest way to get a temporary phone number is by registering for a MoreMins account and downloading our app on your smartphone. The app will let you receive SMS verification messages and calls to your MoreMins disposable number whenever you need it.

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