Temp Phone Numbers of 50+ countries from MoreMins

Virtual phone numbers have been used in the telecommunications industry for a long time. But people who have no ties with this industry, do not know much about them.

A virtual phone number can be used in many ways. For example, as a second local or a foreign phone number for online registrations, shopping, local or global communications. Also it can be conveniently used as a temp phone number.

A virtual phone number works as a usual phone number with some advantages. It works without a physical SIM card and without roaming fees anywhere in the world. Use it for incoming/outgoing calls and SMS. 

MoreMins virtual phone numbers a.k.a temp phone numbers work online in MoreMins app.

✅ Works without a physical SIM card.

✅ No additional smartphone is needed.

✅ A virtual number is active in MoreMins app (download it to your smartphone).

✅ No roaming fees anywhere in the world.

✅ Order a virtual phone number of any country anywhere in the world.

✅ Order online. Start using straight away.

✅ Unlimited number of virtual phone numbers in one app.

✅ Can be used for incoming/outgoing calls and texts.

✅ No contracts.

✅ Cancel anytime for free.

How much does a virtual number cost? MoreMins virtual numbers cost between $0.49-$26.99 /month per number, and this varies from country to country.

MoreMins offers very cheap UK phone numbers from just 0.49 USD/month. We think they are the cheapest in the world. 

US virtual phone numbers are very cheap too. From 2.49 USD/month.

You can have as many virtual numbers in one smartphone with MoreMins app as you like.

Incoming calls and SMS are free anywhere in the world. Outgoing calls and SMS are really cheap. 

How to get a temporary phone number? Register in MoreMins e-shop and choose the phone number you need.

Virtual Number Country Monthly price from
Argentina $4.49
Australia $8.99
Austria $2.49
Belgium $2.49
Brazil $3.49
Canada $2.49
Chile $6.99
China $16.99
Colombia $2.49
Cyprus $6.99
Czech Republic $2.49
Denmark $2.49
Estonia $4.49
Finland $6.99
Georgia $4.49
Greece $2.49
Hungary $4.49
Hong Kong $6.99
Iceland $7.99
Ireland $2.49
Israel $2.49
Italy $2.49
Japan $6.49
Kenya $8.99
Latvia $2.49
Lithuania $2.49
Luxembourg $2.49
Mexico $4.99
Netherlands $2.49
New Zealand $2.99
Nicaragua $26.99
Norway $2.49
Panama $8.99
Poland $6.99
Portugal $2.49
Puerto Rico $6.99
Romania $2.49
Spain $2.49
Serbia $2.99
Slovakia $2.49
Slovenia $2.49
South Africa $7.99
Sweden $6.99
Thailand $11.99
Uganda $11.99
Ukraine $2.49
UK $0.49
US $2.49
Venezuela $11.99