Virtual phone number: save money by subscribing to a MoreMins virtual number

Free virtual number from MoreMins

Need an extra phone number for ads and other affairs? :) You can have TWO, THREE or even MANY active phone numbers in one smartphone! 

Get a usual phone number that WORKS WITHOUT A SIM CARD in MoreMins app. MoreMins virtual number is simply more convenient way to have an extra number.

Download MoreMins app and go to Account for your extra/virtual number.

Virtual MoreMins app number:

Use your virtual number for:

How to order a virtual number?

1. Download MoreMins app.

2. Open MoreMins app.

3. Go to Account and click 'Buy Virtual Number'.

How much does it cost?

To order a virtual mobile number go to MoreMins app, Account section.

The service costs £3.99/month. This price includes a virtual mobile number and unlimited amount of incoming SMS.

Incoming calls and outgoing calls cost additionally.

The rate for incoming calls is 1 p/min.

The rate for outgoing calls inside the UK is 1 p/min. The price for outgoing calls abroad depends on the country. Please check MoreMins cheap international calling rates:

An additional fee for outgoing and incoming calls is deducted from top-up of your MoreMins account.

To top-up your MoreMins account go to MoreMins app, Account section. You can also do this on MoreMins website

How does a virtual number work?

Incoming SMS go to MoreMins app, Messages section.

Incoming calls go straight to your usual mobile phone number (you register your prime number while downloading MoreMins app).

Outgoing calls are made via MoreMins app:
1. Open MoreMins app.
2. Choose the contact or enter a number you want to call.
3. Select a phone number you want to make a call from.
4. Choose mobile or internet call.

How to renew or cancel virtual mobile number?

A virtual MoreMins number is valid for 30 days.

Choose subscription if you want your virtual mobile number to be valid for a longer period of time. You will be able to cancel it anytime.

It is also possible to renew this service every month. But be sure to renew it on the 30 rd day the latest if you want to continue using the same number. Click "Renew" button near the virtual phone number.

If not renewed, a virtual number is automatically cancelled after 30 days.