eSIM for International Travel. Prepaid eSIM data plan for your trip abroad (for browsing, calling and SMS)

Travelling abroad with one of the latest smartphones? Maybe it already supports eSIM technology? Browse eSIM data while travelling abroad without worrying about roaming bills!

Order a data plan for your trip abroad on MoreMins website shop (click 'Log in' in the menu). Use eSIM travel data with a device of your choice - smartphone, computer, tablet.

eSIM data for international travelling is much cheaper than data roaming provided by your mobile operator. 

Also eSIM internet is much safer and faster than public Wi-Fi. 

Use eSIM mobile data for: 1. browsing; 2. calling to mobiles and landlines (online local or international calls to landlines and mobiles via MoreMins app); 3. sending SMS to mobiles (local or international SMS to mobiles with MoreMins app).

Order eSIM data in MoreMins self-service now, activate it within 1 year.

Cheap eSIM internet for your travels

How much does a prepaid eSIM data plan cost?

Get 5 GB eSIM data for travel with 50% discount! Use the discount code: 'Internet'.
Prepaid eSIM data plan is a bargain when you are travelling abroad. For example, 1 GB UK data SIM (eSIM) costs 3.99 ($£€), 1 GB Turkey data SIM (eSIM) costs 5.99 ($£€). 1 GB Germany data SIM (eSIM) and Norway data SIM (eSIM) costs 4.99 ($£€). Check other rates below. You can also use eSIM data in the country you live in. Use MoreMins eSIM internet not only for browsing, but also for calling and sending SMS via MoreMins app. 

Virtual SIM

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Virtual SIM (phone number + calls + SMS)
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eSIM Internet for Travels (eSIM Mobile Data):

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Cheap International Calls and SMS to:

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Rate for calls from top-up
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SMS rate from top-up
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Cheap Virtual Phone Numbers of:

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Virtual phone number, SIM-free (for calls & SMS)
Other countries
All virtual phone numbers SIM-free.
In order to see all numbers
✓ Calling from {{ rateCalc.from.title }} is available via internet only.
✓ Top-up for calls and virtual numbers is valid for 12 months.
✓ Choose how to call with MoreMins app: with or without internet. The app calls straight to landlines and mobiles.
* If you choose calling without internet, app uses your local minutes. It is necessary to have them.

Why choose MoreMins eSIM data for international travel?

No unexpected bills! Simply never go over your mobile data limit.

Order prepaid eSIM internet in MoreMins self-service now, activate eSIM data within 1 year.

Cheaper than your mobile operator

Cheaper than mobile data provided by many operators for travelling abroad (data roaming).

Safer than public Wi-Fi

More secure than public Wi-Fi. Do internet banking and run important errands with confidence. Public Wi-Fi is unsafe as you can be hacked through it.

No unexpected bills

MoreMins eSIM internet is a pre-paid service. You won't have to pay more for your mobile data than you initially intended. When you reach the limit, the internet will switch off.

Faster than public Wi-Fi 

Faster than Wi-Fi available in public places. Good quality for online calls, including online calls with the MoreMins app.

How does it work?

1. Download MoreMins app
Go to MoreMins self-service

Registration takes only 1 minute.

2. Choose eSIM internet package
Choose eSIM data plan

50% discount will be automatically applied for your first 5GB mobile data package!

3. Checkout and good to go
Checkout and good to go

Enjoy cheap and reliable MoreMins eSIM data for browsing, calls, SMS!

Simple. Convenient. Cheap.

Best eSIM for international travel! 
Use prepaid eSIM data plan abroad without worrying about bills! Find eSIM mobile internet in MoreMins app (for Android users) or on MoreMins website's self-service.
Suitable for customers of all mobile operators
Suitable for customers of all mobile operators
You don't have to change your current operator or sign any contract.
More secure and much faster than public Wi-Fi
More secure and much faster than public Wi-Fi
Public Wi-Fi is unsafe as you can be hacked through it.
Works without SIM card
Works without SIM card
Find your cheap eSIM data plan on MoreMins website shop. Use eSIM data with a device of your choice.
Cheap roaming calls and SMS with MoreMins app
Cheap roaming calls and SMS with MoreMins app
Call to landlines and mobiles or send SMS to mobiles while traveling abroad using eSIM internet.
Safe and convenient payment
Safe and convenient payment
Pay by PayPal, credit card or internet banking. 
Customer service
Customer service
in English, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian. Feel free to contact us 24/7. We are always ready to help.

Also try our international calls and SMS for free!
Download MoreMins app.

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