Virtual phone numbers and cheap calls for Amber’s Students

MoreMins SIM-free virtual numbers is a perfect choice for students studying abroad. With MoreMins you can:
  • Get an international number prior to your arrival to a dedicated country and use it for online registrations, job applications, etc. 
  • Get your home country number and let your family members or friends call directly to your mobile phone at local rates even when you are abroad; 
  • Make cheap international or local calls. Save costs up to 97%.
  • Access eSIM mobile data anytime and anywhere you are.

Apply promo code “callamber” and get 60% discount off your first order.

Virtual Phone Number

How much does SIM-free number cost?

MoreMins offers the cheapest UK virtual phone number in the world.
Just 39c /month with a discount code callamber

Cheap International Calls to:

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Cheap Virtual Numbers of:

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SIM-free virtual number (for calls & SMS)
Other countries
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eSIM Internet for Travels (eSIM Mobile Data):

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✓ Calling from {{ rateCalc.from.title }} is available via internet only.
✓ Top-up for calls and virtual numbers is valid for 12 months.
✓ Choose how to call with MoreMins app: with or without internet. The app calls straight to landlines and mobiles.
* If you choose calling without internet, app uses your local minutes. It is necessary to have them.

What's it for?

Use your virtual phone number to keep your private phone number safe or as an extra local or a foreign number for:

Online registrations and 2-factor authentications

Virtual phone numbers work well in creating online accounts or confirming accounts with 2-factor authentications.

Selling things online and offline

Don't make your private phone number public. Protect your private phone number from spammers, telemarketers, scammers or hackers. Share MoreMins virtual numbers instead.

Separating your work and private life

You can separate your private and business communications without extra devices.

Sharing with people you've just met

Keep your private phone number safe. Use your virtual phone number in situations when you don't want to share your private number. Save it to the nearest and dearest.

How does it work?

1. Download MoreMins app
Download MoreMins app

Registration takes only 1 minute.

2. Choose virtual phone number
Choose virtual phone number

-60% discount will be applied for your first order with a discount code callamber!

3. Checkout and good to go
Checkout and good to go

Enjoy cheap and reliable MoreMins services! 

Simple. Convenient. Cheap.

Don't want to share your private phone number? Use your extra SIM-free number for all things online and offline.

Keeps your private number safe
Keeps your private number safe
It's not safe to share your private number with strangers. Give your extra SIM-free number instead. Cancel it anytime.
Works without SIM card
Works without SIM card
Find your SIM-free phone number that works without a SIM card and doesn't need an extra smartphone in MoreMins app -> Account.
Does not need extra smartphone
Does not need extra smartphone
MoreMins SIM-free virtual number is simply a more convenient way to have an extra local or a foreign number.
Unlimited active virtual phone numbers in one app
Unlimited active virtual phone numbers in one app
You can have TWO, THREE or even MANY active phone numbers in MoreMins app. The quantity of phone numbers is unlimited.
Incoming/outgoing calls, SMS
Incoming/outgoing calls, SMS
It doesn't matter where in the world you are, you can conveniently get and use foreign country’s phone number via MoreMins app.
Looks and works as any other usual phone number
Looks and works as any other usual phone number
Even more interesting is the fact that all your extra phone numbers can be of different countries. Go global!

Also try our international calls and SMS for free!
Download MoreMins app.

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