Why choose MoreMins eSIM data for trips to Turkey?

Cheaper than data roaming

eSIM data for travel is cheaper than data roaming. It is a pay as you go service. There won't be any unexpected bills after a trip.

Price comparison. Data roaming in Turkey and eSIM data:
  • UK operator no.1:       £6 a day
  • UK operator no.2:       500 MB a day – £8.45
  • UK operator no.3:       1 MB - £3
  • MoreMins eSIM data: 1 GB –  £3.99

More convenient than a local SIM card

  • No wasting your time and looking for a local SIM card.
  • No registrations and filling out forms.
  • No switching SIM cards.
  • Order and activate eSIM data before or during your trip.
  • eSIM data works without a physical SIM card.
  • Your personal SIM card stays in a smartphone as usual.
  • Your personal phone number works as usual with eSIM data.
  • Use eSIM data with a chosen device: computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Contact our customer service 7 days a week. 

Safer and faster than public Wi-Fi

  • Fast 5G and 4G mobile data.
  • Allows to move freely (not like Wi-Fi in a hotel).
  • ⁠Internet speeds are not slowed down for the total amount and duration of data purchased.
  • Share data with others via 'Hotspot'.
  • Safe for online banking, etc.
  • Perfect for browsing the internet or using WhatsApp, Instagram, TripAdvisor, YouTube, Spotify and other apps. 
MoreMins eSIM app for iPhone and MoreMins app for Android.