Online phone number for WhatsApp. Get it at MoreMins!

Don't want to share your private phone number in some situations? Use your SIM-free virtual phone number or so called online phone number.

Online phone number works without a physical SIM card and doesn't need an extra smartphone! It is active in MoreMins app. 

It is possible to have as many online phone numbers as you need in MoreMins app.

Online phone number works online so you can use it all over the world without roaming charges. 

Use your virtual phone number (online phone number) for calls and SMS. 

MoreMins provides online phone numbers of 50+ countries. Order them in 160+ countries. 

MoreMins online UK phone number is the cheapest in the world! From 0.49/month.

Order a virtual phone number on MoreMins e-shop, use it with MoreMins app! Online phone number will appear in MoreMins app automatically after a purchase on MoreMins website shop (click 'Login or Register' in the website's menu).

Get Online Phone Number

MoreMins SIM-free online phone number is simply a more convenient way to have an second phone number - whether it is a local or a foreign phone number.

Use your virtual number for:

  • Work matters
  • Ads
  • Job search abroad
  • Loyalty cards
  • Registration and authorisation in social media, email platforms, websites
  • Sharing with people you've just met
  • Spam or as a backup/extra phone number, etc.
  • Situations when you don't want to share your private number.
  • If you live abroad, give it for your dearests back Home. 

Features of online phone number:

  • For incoming/outgoing calls
  • For incoming/outgoing texts
  • Mobile phone number
  • Looks as any other number
  • No physical SIM card needed
  • No additional smartphone needed
  • Active all the time in MoreMins app
  • No roaming charges abroad
  • Unlimited number of virtual numbers in MoreMins app
  • One top-up for all numbers
  • Available around the world
  • Order online in 160+ countries
  • Cancel anytime
  • Outgoing mobile or internet calls inside the country and abroad
  • Incoming local calls and calls from abroad
  • Incoming/outgoing local SMS and SMS from abroad
  • Codes and SMS from social media, email providers, shops, etc.  

How to order a virtual number?

1. Go to MoreMins website shop (click "Login or Register" in the menu).  

2. Order your virtual number on MoreMins website, use it with MoreMins app. 

3. Download MoreMins app. A purchased virtual phone number will appear in MoreMins app automatically.

How much does SIM-free virtual online number cost?

Check the prices of various countries phone numbers in the website shop or near the Rates (find this section on MoreMins website's menu).  

To order a virtual mobile number go to MoreMins website shop (click "Login or Register" in the website's menu).

MoreMins provides online phone numbers of 50+ countries. 

Here are some of them:

  • UK Virtual Mobile Number
  • US Virtual Phone Number
  • Lithuanian Virtual Mobile Number
  • Polish Virtual Mobile Number
  • Ukrainian Virtual Mobile Number
  • Finnish Virtual Mobile Number
  • Swedish Virtual Mobile Number
  • Romanian Virtual Phone Number
  • Danish Virtual Phone Number
  • Netherlands Virtual Mobile Number
  • Argentinian Virtual Phone Number
  • Australian Virtual Mobile Number
  • Austrian Virtual Phone Number
  • Belgian Virtual Mobile Number
  • Brazilian Virtual Phone Number
  • Chile Virtual Mobile Number
  • Cyprus Virtual Phone Number
  • Canadian Virtual Phone Number
  • Chinese Virtual Phone Number
  • South Africa Virtual Mobile Number
  • Czech Republic Virtual Phone Number
  • Estonian Virtual Phone Number
  • Greek Virtual Phone Number
  • Hong Kong Virtual Phone Number
  • Iceland Virtual Phone Number
  • Irish Virtual Phone Number
  • Israel Virtual Mobile Number
  • Italian Virtual Phone Number
  • Japanese Virtual Phone Number
  • Latvian Virtual Phone Number
  • Norway Virtual Phone Number
  • Panama Virtual Phone Number
  • Portuguese Virtual Phone Number
  • Spanish Virtual Phone Number
  • Colombian Virtual Mobile Number
  • Georgian Virtual Phone Number
  • Hungarian Virtual Phone Number
  • Kenya Virtual Phone Number
  • Luxemburg Virtual Phone Number
  • Mexican Virtual Phone Number
  • New Zealand Virtual Phone Number
  • Nicaragua Virtual Mobile Number
  • Puerto Rico Virtual Phone Number
  • Slovakia Virtual Phone Number
  • Thai Virtual Mobile Number
  • Uganda Virtual Phone Number
  • Venezuelan Virtual Phone Number
  • Serbian Virtual Phone Number
  • Slovenian Virtual Phone Number

Find more in MoreMins website shop. Click 'Login or Register' in the website's menu.

Online phone number of the United Kingdom - the cheapest in the world

MoreMins offers very cheap UK virtual phone number and cheap US virtual phone number. From 0.49/month (£€$) .

This price includes a virtual mobile number and an unlimited amount of incoming SMS. You also get some free test calls and SMS. Every new account automatically has 15 p (or 15 c) for outgoing calls and SMS.

Later top-up your account on MoreMins website shop. Android users can also top-up their accounts in MoreMins app.

The price for outgoing calls depends on the country you want to call. Please check MoreMins cheap international calling rates. Check MoreMins SMS rates.

A fee for outgoing calls and SMS is deducted from top-up of your MoreMins account balance.

How does a virtual number work?

- Incoming SMS go to MoreMins app, Messages section.

- Outgoing SMS are made via MoreMins app, Messages section.

- Outgoing calls are made via MoreMins app:

  • Open MoreMins app.
  • Choose the contact or enter a number you want to call.
  • Select a phone number you want to make a call from (choose your virtual number).
  • Choose mobile or internet call.

- Incoming calls go to MoreMins app. But you can see an incoming call on your main smartphone screen.

How to renew or cancel virtual mobile number?

A virtual MoreMins number is valid for 30 days.

Choose subscription if you want your virtual mobile number to be valid for a longer period of time. You will be able to cancel it anytime.

It is also possible to renew this service every month. But be sure to renew it on the 30 rd day the latest if you want to continue using the same number. Click "Renew" button near the virtual phone number.

If not renewed, a virtual number is automatically cancelled after 30 days.

How to order MoreMins online phone number?

iOS users will find the best prices of online numbers on MoreMins website shop (click 'Login or Register' in the website's menu). Buy your SIM-free virtual phone number on our website, use it with MoreMins app.

Android users should download MoreMins app and go to Account -> Store -> Numbers for their virtual numbers. But they can also buy them on MoreMins website shop (click 'Login or Register' in the website's menu).