Prepaid virtual SIM card. Useful for tourists, expats and all international callers

A virtual SIM can be used anywhere in the world without roaming charges. 

It works without a physical SIM card.  A virtual SIM can be purchased online in any country. Otherwise, it is a normal and usual SIM.

MoreMins provides:

Virtual SIM is a bargain:

Virtual SIM includes: 

More about MoreMins virtual SIM card:

A virtual SIM card is very useful:

Order a virtual SIM card online on MoreMins website (click "Login or Register" in the website's menu). Use your virtual SIM card with MoreMins app. 

After a purchase on MoreMins website, a virtual SIM card will automatically appear in your MoreMins app. 

Later if you start using MoreMins app with another smartphone, your virtual SIM will be transferred automatically.