Prepaid US internet for eSIM users

Does your smartphone support eSIM technology? 

Browse prepaid eSIM data in the United States with no worries. 

MoreMins eSIM internet is suitable for everybody - US residents and foreigners, tourists and business travellers.

MoreMins internet for the United States can be ordered in 160+ countries (US included). It can be activated within 1 year after a purchase. Activate it right before your trip.

1 GB US internet costs 4.99 (dollars, euros, pounds). 5 GB US internet costs 15.99 (dollars, euros, pounds).

Order USA internet on MoreMins website e-shop (click 'Login or Register' on the main menu). Use eSIM internet with a device of your choice - computer, tablet or smartphone via MoreMins app.

Order US eSIM internet

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MoreMins eSIM app for iPhone users.

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