UK SIM Card Online. Get UK Virtual SIM for $5.99 /month

All-in-one for a better price. A virtual SIM gives a UK phone number, unlimited calls to UK (or within the UK) and SMS allowance to UK. A virtual SIM can be used anywhere in the world without roaming charges. 

This is why the UK virtual SIM is suitable for clients living inside the United Kingdom and overseas (for example, expats or business partners abroad).

MoreMins provides:

A virtual SIM allows you to receive free calls & SMS. Roaming charges do not apply because a virtual SIM works online. 

Cheap outgoing calls and SMS are included in the plan price. You can make your outgoing calls with the internet or without the internet.

A virtual SIM works without a physical SIM card in MoreMins app. Download MoreMins app to your smartphone. You do not need the newest smartphone to use MoreMins virtual SIM.

Order your virtual SIM on MoreMins website, use it with MoreMins app. A virtual SIM will appear in your MoreMins app automatically after a purchase.

If you eventually install MoreMins app on another smartphone, your virtual SIM will be automatically transferred. 

MoreMins virtual SIM can be purchased online in 40+ countries. 

It works as a normal and usual SIM, just without roaming fees, without a physical SIM card and an additional smartphone.

Select the country you want to have a virtual SIM of. Go to MoreMins website shop by clicking 'Login or Register' in the website's menu.

If you need data in the United Kingdom, you are welcome to order MoreMins eSIM data in the UK.