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15 Reasons to Choose MoreMins Virtual Number

MoreMins UK virtual phone number can be used as a temp number. It can be ordered and used in 160+ countries.

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A UK virtual phone number can be conveniently used as the UK temporary phone number

Here are at least 15 reasons why:

  1. It is cheap (UK number from $0.49 /month).
  2. No physical SIM card.
  3. No extra smartphone needed.
  4. Works in MoreMins app.
  5. Prepaid service.
  6. No contracts.
  7. Cancel anytime.
  8. Start using instantly.
  9. No roaming charges.
  10. Incoming/outgoing calls.
  11. Incoming/outgoing texts
  12. For customers of all operators.
  13. Free incoming calls and texts.
  14. Order and use around the world.
  15. No setup fees.

Virtual phone numbers are SIM-free and do not need additional devices. They work online in MoreMins app. 

It is simply a more convenient way to have a second phone number or a temp number (local or foreign). Or many phone numbers in one MoreMins app! 

MoreMins offers virtual phone numbers of 50+ countries (UK virtual mobile numbers, US virtual phone numbers, Canadian virtual phone numbers, Finnish virtual mobile numbers, Swedish virtual mobile numbers, Danish virtual mobile numbers, Netherlands virtual mobile numbers, Cyprus virtual phone numbers, Polish virtual mobile numbers, Lithuanian virtual mobile numbers, Ukrainian virtual mobile numbers, etc.). Find the full list here.

Order SIM-free phone numbers of different countries on MoreMins website shop (click "Login or Register" on the menu). Use virtual numbers with the MoreMins app!

Your UK temp number will automatically appear in MoreMins app after a purchase online on MoreMins website.