Temp Number for Whatsapp

MoreMins offers temporary phone numbers of 50+ countries from  $0.49 /month. Numbers can be ordered in 160+ countries.

A virtual phone number can be a perfect temporary phone number not only because it is very cheap (MoreMins offers the cheapest UK virtual phone number in the world for $0.49 /month. US virtual phone number costs $2.49 /month. Check all temp number rates).

A virtual number works as a normal phone number with some advantages. 

✅ Works without a physical SIM card.

✅ No additional smartphone is needed.

✅ A virtual number is active in MoreMins app (download it to your smartphone).

✅ No roaming fees anywhere in the world.

✅ Order a virtual phone number of any country anywhere in the world.

✅ Order online. Start using straight away.

✅ Unlimited number of virtual phone numbers in one app.

✅ Can be used for incoming/outgoing calls and texts.

✅ No contracts.

✅ Cancel anytime for free.

Read more information about MoreMins virtual phone numbers in the menu subsection "Virtual Number".

Order a virtual phone number on MoreMins website shop (click "Login or Register" on the website's main menu). Use your virtual phone number with MoreMins app. 

A virtual phone number (which is sometimes called an online phone number) is a convenient way to have a temp number, a second phone number or a foreign number.