Cheaper than roaming. USA eSIM mobile internet for browsing. USA virtual SIM card for unlimited calls. Prepaid services for tourists and residents.

Data roaming fees in the USA can be avoided with a prepaid eSIM internet.  Roaming fees for calls can be avoided with a prepaid USA virtual SIM card. 

1 GB eSIM mobile internet in the USA costs 4.99 USD. 5 GB mobile internet in the USA costs 15.99 USD.  Payment currency depends upon your location.

1. Super fast 5G or 4G mobile data.

2. Cheaper than mobile data roaming.

3. Works well for VoIP calling, messaging, maps, streaming apps.

4. Hotspot sharing is supported and unlimited.

5. Faster & safer than public Wi-Fi.

6. No unexpected bills as it’s a prepaid service.

7. No need to look for a local data SIM card (saves precious trip time).

8. Works with all eSIM supported devices - smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or laptop.

9. Order and manage conveniently via MoreMins eSIM travel data app.

10. No switching SIM cards or carrying Wi-Fi dongles.

11. Human customer service.

List of countries and prices for 1GB. It is possible to order 5 GB plans as well. Login to MoreMins e-shop to check all the prices. Order MoreMins services in 160 countries.

If you want to avoid roaming charges for calls in the USA and need the USA phone number, the USA virtual SIM card is just for you. It works without a physical SIM card and can be ordered and activated online in 160+ countries. 

The USA virtual SIM includes unlimited calls to USA numbers and a virtual phone number of the USA. Use it for calls and texts. USA virtual SIM card costs 5.99 USD. Payment currency depends upon your location.

  1. Unlimited calls to USA numbers.
  2. USA virtual phone number.
  3.  Can be used for calls and texts.
  4. Incoming calls and texts are free.
  5. Works without a physical SIM card.
  6. No roaming fees anywhere in the world.
  7. Suitable for tourists and USA residents.
  8. Works online in MoreMins app.
  9. Can be ordered and activated online.
  10. Can be ordered and used in 160+ countries.
  11. Works as a normal SIM with several advantages.
  12. Prepaid service.

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