UK eSIM internet (UK eSIM mobile data) for UK residents and tourists. Prepaid.

1 GB for 3.99 USD. 5 GB for 10.99 USD. Payment currency depends upon your location.

1. Super fast 5G or 4G mobile data.

2. Cheaper than mobile data roaming. 1GB from $3.99.

3. Works well for VoIP calling, messaging, maps, streaming apps.

4. Hotspot sharing is supported and unlimited.

5. Faster & safer than public Wi-Fi.

6. No unexpected bills as it’s a prepaid service.

7. No need to look for a local data SIM card (saves precious trip time).

8. Works with all eSIM supported devices - smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or laptop.

9. Order and manage conveniently via MoreMins eSIM travel data app.

10. No switching SIM cards or carrying Wi-Fi dongles.

11. Human customer service.

List of countries and prices for 1GB. It is possible to order 5 GB plans as well. Login to MoreMins e-shop to check all the prices. Order MoreMins services in 160 countries.