eSIM mobile data for tourists in Europe and elsewhere 

Traveling abroad and have a new eSIM-enabled smartphone? Forget expensive data roaming. Get cheap eSIM mobile data for traveling.

eSIM travel internet is much cheaper than data roaming provided by your home operator. You'll never go over your mobile data limit. There won't be any unexpected bills. Your account will show how much data you've used up. When you reach the limit, mobile data will turn off. Top-up your gigabytes anytime.

✅ Cheaper than data roaming

✅ Safer than public Wi-Fi

✅ Faster than public Wi-Fi 

✅ No unexpected bills 

✅ Perfect for browsing, Tripadvisor, Maps, Whatsapp, etc. 

✅ 'Hotspot' available

✅ Order now, activate within 1 year.

MoreMins offers eSIM mobile data of more than 150 countries + Vodafone Global eSIM + O2 European eSIM.

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