Why MoreMins accepts crypto currency?

MoreMins team is convinced we all should take care more of online safety and privacy. 

We think that it is not safe to share your primary phone number or use your main bank card online. Both of them can easily go to the hands of spammers, telemarketers, scammers or hackers. 

For online safety and privacy reasons MoreMins team has decided to accept crypto currency payments from its clients. You can pay by crypto currency on MoreMins website www.moremins.com (click Log in).

For the same online privacy  and security reasons MoreMins app offers cheap virtual SIM-free phone numbers that you can use as your extra local or foreign phone numbers.

Also MoreMins provides cheap eSIM internet for trips abroad which is safer and faster than public WiFi.

MoreMins does not record or follow your cheap international calls and cheap international SMS and doesn't sell data to advertisers.

Pay for MoreMins services by crypto currency on MoreMins website www.moremins.com, use MoreMins services with MoreMins app.

MoreMins provides: 1. Cheap international calls. 2. Cheap virtual SIM-free numbers. 3. Cheap eSIM internet for travels abroad. 4. Cheap SMS abroad.