Is virtual phone number scammer friendly? Not at all!

Is virtual phone number a scammer friendly? We get this question a lot. And the answer is 'No'.

Actually, MoreMins SIM-free number works the opposite way.

MoreMins SIM-free (virtual) phone number is a good way to protect your private phone number from leaking to unwanted third-parties as nowadays we need to provide our phone numbers to so many service providers. 

We have created this service for protecting personal phone numbers from potential data breaches, leaks and hacks. It is not safe to provide primary phone number for registrations into social websites, loyalty cards, messaging apps, etc.

Hackers can combine stolen profile data with primary phone number and use it for their scams. If this unfortunate event happens, it is easier to switch your second phone number off and get another one. Changing  personal phone number (which all your friends, colleagues and family know for many years) is much more complicated.

Moreover, one needs to pay for MoreMins SIM-free number using online payment systems. So the buyer is not anonymous to the operator (unlike a pre-paid SIM card buyer paying for a SIM card with cash in a corner shop). This is why MoreMins virtual number is not a "scammer-friendly” system. :) 

Use MoreMins virtual number for:
-Work matters
-Job search abroad
-Loyalty cards
-Registration and authorisation in social media, email platforms, websites
-Sharing with people you've just met
-Spam or as a backup/extra phone number, etc.
-Situations when you don't want to share your private number.
-If you live abroad, give it for your dearests back Home, etc.

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