New! MoreMins eSIM app for iOS users

MoreMins team is proud to introduce a new app for iOS users - MoreMins eSIM app for travel mobile data. 

MoreMins offers eSIM mobile data of more than 150 countries + Vodafone Global eSIM + O2 European eSIM.

Use eSIM mobile data while traveling abroad without worrying about data roaming bills. Order and activate eSIM data online.

11 reasons to choose MoreMins eSIM mobile data for international traveling:

☑️ Order now, activate within 1 year! 

➡️ Fast 5G/4G mobile data. 

➡️ eSIM works on multiple operator networks, giving you good coverage.

✅ Cheaper than data roaming.

✅ No need to change physical SIM cards.

✅ Your personal number works as usual. 

✅ Faster and more secure than public Wi-Fi.

✅ Perfect for Maps, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tripadvisor, YouTube, Spotify, e-banking and other apps.

✅ Mobile data can be shared via hotspot function. Unlimited number of devices can be connected.

✅ ⁠Internet speeds are not reduced for the total amount and duration of data purchased.

✅ Prepaid service, no unexpected bills.

Read more about eSIM mobile data here.