5 reasons to choose MoreMins Free Virtual Phone Number

If you are looking for a free phone number, here are 5 reasons to choose MoreMins as your service provider

1. MoreMins provides free UK virtual phone number and MoreMins mobile app to use it. It works like a normal UK mobile phone number with additional benefits: 

  • it works without a SIM card (so you won't need an extra smartphone);
  • it works without roaming charges anywhere in the world (you will save money)! 

You will be able to get free incoming calls and SMS and make outgoing calls and sms using MoreMins virtual number app anywhere in the world.

2. No credit card required to sign up and it takes 2 minutes on average to complete registration.

3. Personal identification not requiredThere are no contracts either. 

4. Incoming calls and SMS anywhere in the world are free. Outgoing calls and SMS have a small fee. This is how we support the service.

5. Cancel free virtual phone number at any time. Use it for as long as you need.

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