Egle P.   
Really the best. Sound is always perfect, everything hear clearly. Do not use Skype anymore.
Rimas Cikotas   
Big believer in supporting companies, especially LT ones that are providing an awesome product or service so with that in mind… In my personal opinion, MOREmins is BEST & CHEAPEST way to call Lithuania or anywhere in Europe. Price 1-1.5/ cents per min, unbelievable and unbeatable, uses your wireless calling plan. Credits are good for 12 months, no monthly service charge. Will never use another calling card again. Both Rasa and I use this and we love it, just wish we knew about it earlier. Priceless to have in Lithuania calling to the US. When our flight got canceled, I quickly used it to call KLM in the Netherlands and got our flight rebooked before most people even got to the ticketing office in Vilnius airport. Saved the day. Love it – Mylesite!
Vaiva Zu   
It is a very good app! I find it very convenient to talk to my family and friends using moremins. As it does not require internet, the quality is great! I can call my family on the way to/from work which I could not do on Skype as it requires good internet connection. I strongly recommend everyone to try moremins app!
Excellent! MOREmins - Great service! Very good sound quality.
Very easy, cheap and convenient to call abroad with this app. I don't need internet to use it, so I give calls to my family members, who live in another country, when I have a spare minute, even while waiting for a coffee in Starbucks. Also we don't bother to chat for half an hour as it's so cheap. Great value for my money!
I like using MOREmins. No waiting for mom in skype in the evenings!!!!
Aaron Godwin   
Awesome app!!! Fantastic app for calling friends and family without Internet connection. It's great and simple to use. Best of all its cheaper than anything I found on the market. Thank you guys at More Mins!
Cheap and high quality international calls! The cost of international call is nearly the same as of the local one. I can afford to call abroad every day now!
Very good app!!! I find moremins very useful as it allows me to speak to my family and friends while I'm walking home from work. It is very convenient, doesn't require internet and the coverage is great! Also, it is good value for money!
amazing app recomended to everyone
Zilvinas Zelnys  
this app saves lot of money for international call, great idea and simple to use. can't understand how people complaining about it ,must be no idea what the hell they are doing
Laura Katia  
Good app, very helpful team, who does they best to improve service.
Re Ka  
Very good app ,to make call very cheap. I‘m very happy.
Lukas Jusys  
Fantastic app! Cheapest of all apps I had and very high connection quality. Before I used Foocall but stopped after they increased rates. Highly recommend this one. Foocall is rubbish.
Tomas Sudnius  
Amazingly good – saved me  loads of $$$ This is my favorite app. Works great. Easy to use. And much cheaper than skype &co.
A Jasaite  
Great app for cheap international calls Great app! I was looking for such a service for a long time and finally found it. Good quality, calls without internet straight to phone, low proces. I talk for hours..:D No need to top-up every month which is very convenient. Great customer service as well- Moremins employees quickly reply to emails, really answer to questions and really help you out. Love using it. Makes my life much easier while living away from my family. All the best for your team.
Vitalijus Barisas  
Mindaugas Dankis  
The best on the market! ! Strongly recommend. Good customer service. Quick reply to emails.
Arturas Alubauskas  
It works! Perfect
Cheap, easy to use, works without internet! Definitely recommended.
Great alternative for cheap calls, it saved me a lot of time, because app does not need wifi.
Alexas xxx  
Good program, convenient and cheap
Valerijus Alisauskas  
Convenient and good sound quality
Oleg Miliskevic   
Andrius Sebestinas   
Cheap calls to abroad
Andrius Pleikys   
1st time used it
Valdas Bulksas   
The connection is very good
Marius Selkauskis   
Very good connection, easy to use and loads of minutes just for a few pounds!
Povilas Rackauskas   
Very good app. Uses your free minutes instead of data. Love it.
Los angeles   
Simonas Matulis   
Best way to contact family when you want crisp and clean conversation
Kaska Paprocka   
Great app
Jaroslaw Sobilo   
Great value for money
Andrej LEVCIK   
Very Cheap International Calls
Edgaras Kasmocius   
Andrius Simkunas   
Saulius Pavilonis   
Best app to call East Europe
Oleg Astapovic   
Great app, great prices for the Baltic countries. Loving it!
Agnieszka Ruszkowska   
Beata Kot   
Jest proste w usłudze i super.
Virginija Grigaraviciene   
Beautiful app
Gediminas Macevicius   
Conection good

Very Good App. I like it. Good quality, Good Price!!!

Gracjan Deresz   

Wow! Impressive call quality like local ones. Super cheap calls in bundle. 

Audrius Mersas   

Best of the bes

Two Uzi's   


catnip in action   

Great sound quality for a good value


Cool app

Marius Jurčius   

Best app to call to Lithuania

Aurimas Ovidijus Šliupas   

Best app

Kristina Jefremova   

Cheap calls from Germany to Lithuania! For 1.5 years now I have been calling LT via this app. Telefonate nach Litauen - günstiger geht es kaum. Nur so ruf ich schon seit 1,5 Jahre shower an.


What's not to like? Extremely cheap calls to another country.

Girėnas Cirtautas   

Very good, very cheap

Marius Jasevicius   

Perfect for call


Good service, new app-design much better then previous. Rates ok.

Kristina Dobilaitytė   

Love this app

Danas N   

Great sound quality from USA to Lithuania.

Jaunius Savickas   

Really cool app

Rosi Ta   

Great customer service, rapid response, good sound quality, user friendly app. 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ :-)


Excellent service, prices, and connection. We would recommend to everyone this app.


Good app


Great app to make calls to Lithuania(not talking about other countries as i have no experience) and great customer service. Of course over the time I had a few issues but nothing major and those little problems(which some of them was because of my own lack of understanding how app works) has been swiftly fixed. As much as I see most of those 1 star reviews comes from lack of knowledge how to use app. If you do have any problems try to first contact customer service. Those guys are working hard to keep everyone happy. Thanks for doing a great work and helping us to save money then calling relatives back home.


Using this app for the while. I really like it. Easy to use, cheap an comfy. Good luck guys