Super cheap calls to Lithuania or Poland with MOREmins calling app less than 1 p/min 

pigus skambuciai i lietuva

Get the lowest rates for calls to Lithuania or Poland with our monthly Super Cheap Calling Bundle. 2000 mins cost just 3.99.
Why Choose Monthly Super Cheap Calling Bundle?
  1 p (1 c) is enough for a 5 minutes talk!  
  80 % cheaper than a standard rate.  

Call any Lithuanian or Polish landline or mobile number.

  If you speak at least 400 mins per month, this bundle is the best bargain for you.  


Super Cheap Bundle for calls to Lithuania is available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Germany and Portugal.


Super Cheap Bundle for calls to Poland is available in the United Kingdom and Germany.




Why you should call abroad using cheap international calling app MOREmins



You don‘t have to change your SIM card – MOREmins is a calling app.


This app works without internet, it uses your local minutes – no struggle to boost WiFi or 3G signal any more.


No app to app calling - call straight to landlines and mobiles. 


The sound quality is great everywhere – it is high quality mobile calls.


Subscribers of all operators can use this international calling app.


No contracts and monthly fees – MOREmins is a pay as you go service.


You get the lowest rates with a minimum top-up – can it be any better?



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