Here and now. Don‘t waste your time in front of a screen waiting for an online call when you have so many things to do. Stop draining your battery with calling apps that need internet. By the way, have you noticed that it’s always too slow when you need it immediately?  
Don‘t wait for a faster internet, it will always be somewhere out there, in the future. Especially for low-cost high quality international calls.
At MOREmins we have stopped hoping for something better in the future. We started being here and now with providing high quality low-cost international calls. We believe that in this vibrant global era international calling shouldn‘t be expensive or clumsy with a poor Wi-Fi, 3G or inconvenient changing of SIM cards. Therefore we allow our customers to convert their mobile operators’ local minutes into cheap and sometimes free international ones. Without changing a SIM card, without internet connection, without wasting their time and nerves.
We are just like you. We have friends and families living abroad and we shorten the distance using MOREmins. We talk to them whenever we like: while walking, travelling by bus from work or even while shopping. 
Don’t be dependent on internet speed or a bunch of SIM cards. Call here and now with MOREmins and you won’t regret. It’s so simple and exciting.
Now Let‘s be More Specific. Why Choose High Quality Cheap International Calls with MOREmins?

You don’t have to change your SIM card – MOREmins is an app.

This app works without internet – no struggle to boost WiFi or 3G signal any more.

The sound quality is great everywhere – it is high quality mobile calls.

Subscribers of all operators can use this app – for a small fee MOREmins app simply converts your operator’s local minutes into international ones.

No contracts or monthly fees – MOREmins is a pay as you go service.

You get the lowest rates with the minimum top-up of £2.50 (3.40 EUR).

The person you are calling sees your usual mobile phone number.

Pay per second. Calls are not rounded up to the next minute.

No connection fees or any other hidden charges.

Accounts and top-ups have no expiry dates.

Try MOREmins calling app for Free!